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Pink Bubbles


Pink Bubbles

Shipping Options:
Rice Crispy Treats 12 count (either plain, chocolate dipped with sprinkles, or both)
Jumbo Cookies: 12 count- Choice of up to 12 flavors
COMBO- 6 rice crispy treats and 6 cookies

- a variety of treats that vary from week to week. This can include rice crispy treats, cookies (listed flavor or new flavor), marshmallow, biscotti, candy bars and/or confections, or whatever The Princess decides to dream up!

Shipping dates:
January 16--
opens Jan 4order before: January 11-- SHIPPED!
January 30--  opens Jan 11order before January 25-- SHIPPED!
February 6-- opens Jan 25order before February 1    (Valentine's special treats for the Sunshine Box) SHIPPED!
March 13-- opens Feb 11; order by March 7 (St. Patrick's Day/ Spring themed treats for the Sunshine Box)-- SHIPPED!
April 4-- opens March 8; order by March 30 (Spring themed Sunshine Box) SHIPPED

May 8-- opens March 31; order by May 3 (Mother's Day treats in the Sunshine Box) SHIPPED
June 12-- opens May 25th; order by June 6th -- SHIPPED

July 10-- opens June 7th; order by July 4th-- SHIPPED
August 14-- opens July 5th; order by August 8th-- SHIPPED
September 12 -- opens August 9th; order by September 5th

October 24 -- opens September 6th; order by October 17th

More dates to come!
One date per ordering period. New date will open when old date closes. Ship date will be shown on top of ordering page.
Shipping 1-2 times per month
OR inquire about a custom date-- just write a message in the Contact Form

Shipping will be via UPS 3 Day Select. Florida residents may experience faster shipping.
Want to upgrade Next Day delivery? Message me prior to ordering. 

Message me with any questions

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