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Pink Bubbles
Pink Bubbles

 Hi there! Shawnna here.

I'm just a girl who throughout the years developed a passion for pleasing people with the gorgeous and delicious present of food.

Growing up with 6 sisters lead to a more domestic lifestyle. Our daily lives included school, homework, playtime, dinner, and bedtime. Weekends meant cartoons Saturday morning, cleaning the house and yard-work. While I did not mind cleaning the house and doing laundry, I was not one to play in dirt. I complained about the heat and bugs so I offered a compromise. I made lunch, lemonade, and did tasks inside. Sunday mornings meant family brunch. We often had a spread of pancakes, bacon and/or sausage, eggs, fruit, and home fries. Between making lunches on Saturdays and Sunday morning brunch, I began to explore recipes in my mother’s cookbook to mix things up. 

One summer I decided to not only explore a cookbook, but I picked out recipes that would challenge my skills. I made pizza dough, chicken pot pie, a variety of breads, and a plethora of other dishes that inspired me to keep going. Not only did I get a sense of accomplishment, but the feedback I got from my family was overwhelmingly positive, boosting my confidence in the kitchen. I continued to cook for my family and soon became known as the family chef. Whenever it became dinner time, my family would ask me what was for dinner. In the midst of cooking, I also baked. Occasionally exploring recipes again, but on the sweeter side of things. Cooking became a part of my life and what I was known for. 

I continued cooking and baking through college. I started as an Education major but my passion swayed me otherwise. I switched to Restaurant Management and began to take courses in that field. My heart grew. I could feel the passion arising with every exciting thing I learned. In the years since I graduated, I realized management was just an aspect I was fairly good at, but the actual creation of dishes peaked my interest more. I decided to go back to school for Baking and Pastry. I learned so much in my classes. Even though these were just basic classes, I increased my skills and learned different techniques. I had the pleasure of working along-side pastry chefs who have been doing it for decades.

Since then, I have worked in hotels in the Walt Disney World area. I have learned more skills and techniques and continued practicing while creating some amazing things. Unfortunately, I was one of the many laid-off. I got a numerous amounts of requests to sell my baked goods. So here I am, sharing my love of baking from home and I love it! Check out my cake gallery for pictures of the custom cakes I've done over the years.

I created Sunshine Baking LLC as my home bakery business to sell my cakes and other baked goods from home. I deliver in the Four Corners, FL area and Disney World resorts.

It is a great feeling when someone’s face lights up after taking a bite of something that I made personally. Words they say after-the-fact, are just the cherry on top. This is what I live for.

I continue to test myself by trying new techniques and using different mediums. This has lead to some pretty awesome cakes and desserts. I'd love to make you smile too!


Sunshine Baking Princess

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